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The distinguished professor of the University of Pittsburg P

On November 6, 2017, on invitation the distinguished professor of the University of Pittburg Peter Wipf visited XW Labs for academic activity. As the chief scientific advisor, Prof. Peter Wipf shares the full synthesis of active natural products containing indole fragments and related analogs, as well as the application of computational chemistry in medicinal chemistry. In addition, the details of the R&D projects in XW Labs, including the background and progress, are introduced by the project leaders, with the valuable comments and suggestions on the strategic optimization of the pipeline from Prof. Peter Wipf.

Prof. Peter Wipf is currently Director of the Center for Combinatory Chemistry at the University of Pittsburgh. He has devoted himself to the research of organic synthesis, heterocyclic chemistry, organometallics and medicinal chemistry for many years. He has published many papers in top international journals and applied for more than 20 patents. Many times, as the chairman of the international academic conferences, as well as Lilly, Novartis and other world-class pharmaceutical company's professional lecturer.

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