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XW Labs made continuous advancement in Hubei Province's Independent Entrepreneurship Strategic Team in 2015 and 2016

For better promoting industrial transformation and upgrading, the building of innovation and entrepreneurship strategic team was fully encouraged in Hubei Province in recent years. It strongly supported a group of enterprises with good growth potential, clear innovative ideas, a significant entrepreneurial outcome and a clear expected benefit in the development, including the strategic team for science and technology innovation as well as the independent entrepreneurship strategic team. It mainly covered the strategic emerging industries such as new generation of information technology, biomedicine, high-end equipment manufacturing, new materials and new energy. The independent entrepreneurship strategic team refers to the outstanding team with technology, project and capital settled in Hubei and in line with the strategic layout of industrial development and technological innovation in Hubei Province, with good market prospect, as well as leading and promoting the optimization and upgrading of industries in Hubei Province.

The XW Labs team, consisting of the core R & D, project management, finance and senior consulting teams, has extensive industry experience. Since its establishment three years ago, under the leadership of Dr. Jia-ning Xiang, the CEO, XW Labs has completed a total of two rounds of 150 million RMB of financing, with the success of a number of clinical and preclinical projects, 4 international PCT patents, 1 Taiwan patent and 2 Chinese patents.

XW Labs was successfully selected as the Rank C Independent Entrepreneurship Strategic Team in 2015 after the qualification review and on-site inspection, and made continuous advancement to Rank B in 2016, with the support of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Zone and the BioLake. In December 2017, we entered into the list of Rank A and finished the qualification review and on-site inspection. It is expected to become one of 15 Rank A Independent Entrepreneurship Strategic Teams.

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