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Dr. Jia-Ning Xiang the founder of XW Labs was awarded the “Chime Bell Award” by Hubei Provincial Government

On September 19, 2016, Dr. Jia-Ning Xiang, the founder and CEO of XW Labs, won the "Chime Bell Award" of Hubei Province and took part in the competition on September 29 Honor ceremony. "Chime Bell Award", the highest award of foreign experts by Hubei Provincial Government, was established in 1994 to encourage and honor foreign experts who made outstanding contributions to Hubei's economic and social development. So far, a total of 247 foreign experts have won this honor, covering over 20 countries around the world; involving metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, textiles, food, education, clothing, chemicals, building materials, forestry, agriculture, electronics, scientific research, light industry, water conservancy, automobile, IT, health care, culture and the arts, and other fields.

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