Functional Group Switch

Figure: Platform of Functional Group Switch


  • Improvement of drug properties for existing medications for Best-in-Class drugs
  • Attractive risk/reward profile with potential to significantly reduce time horizon for drug development
  • Composition of Matter patent protection

Through our expertise in medicinal chemistry, XW Laboratories has developed a novel Functional Group Switch (FGS) platform that can not only deliver Best-in-Class therapies for CNS-related disorders but can also shorten the time and cost of drug development.

The FGS platform is a drug discovery engine that takes certain drugs on the market or compounds that have failed in clinic but demonstrate promising pharmacological activity and creates an improved candidate with superior physiochemical and pharmacokinetic properties. With advanced drug design, our platform has the potential to increase the drug ratio in the brain and blood, eliminate P450 labile sites, and modulate the fraction bound to protein.

A FGS strategy also exhibits an attractive risk/reward profile. The FGS platform has the potential to not only make currently marketed drugs or drugs that failed in the clinic exhibit superior properties, but also significantly reduces the time horizon to candidate selection compared to traditional drug development by taking advantage of an already well-established pharmacological profile.