• Pioneering science targeting mitochondria and reactive oxygen species (ROS)
  • Promising preliminary in vivo results applicable across the entire neurodegeneration spectrum
  • Composition of Matter patent protection

Mitochondria control energetics, metabolic pathways, stress response and cell death, and are central to many human diseases, including neurodegeneration. Over the past decade, the Wipf lab at the University of Pittsburgh has led the way in designing small molecule therapeutics that regulate mitochondrial processes and manage lipid membrane integrity.

Through collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh, XW Laboratories is developing a portfolio of novel mitochondria targeted redox modulators for a broad range of possible indications in the CNS. Professor Wipf and his research group have developed targeted proof-of-concept compounds that have demonstrated efficacy in animal disease models such as Huntington's Disease and Traumatic Brain Injury. Their research findings have been published in high-profile journals including "The Journal of the American Chemical Society", "Nature Neuroscience and Cell Reports".