Figure: Platform of Prodrug


  • Address unmet medical needs for CNS-related patient populations
  • Improvement of drug properties for existing medications
  • Attractive risk/reward profile with potential to significantly reduce time horizon for drug development
  • Composition of Matter patent protection

Certain medications inherently have deficiencies that cause intolerable the side effects, increase abuse liability or limit efficacy. Employing a prodrug strategy allows XW Laboratories to improve upon these medications to help address large unmet medical needs in CNS-related patient populations.

By definition, a prodrug is inactive; however, it will elicit the desired pharmacological effect after administration through enzymatic or chemical release of the active drug. With our prodrug technology, we are able to design novel compounds from existing medications to improve physicochemical, biopharmaceutical or pharmacokinetic drug properties.

A prodrug strategy also exhibits an attractive risk/reward profile. Not only can our technology make currently marketed drugs better, but it can significantly reduce the time horizon for drug development compared to traditional New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for drug R&D and regulatory filings (under 505(b)(2)).