Overview of Platform

XW Laboratories is platform-centric research and development (R&D) biopharmaceutical company focused on neurological disorders. We have established a diversified portfolio of clinical candidates in the Central Nervous System (CNS) therapeutic area and deployed three core drug discovery platforms. The first two platforms aim at delivering best-in-class medicine through the discovery of novel drugs with superior properties, such as enhanced efficacy, safety, and tolerability, compared to existing medications. The third platform is a novel technology focused on maintaining redox and protein homeostasis in mitochondria, where defects have been linked to many neurological disorders.

CNS and CNS-related disorders are some of the most debilitating diseases, ranging from neurodegenerative and mental health – such as depression, narcolepsy, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease) – to neurological disabilities due to pharmacological challenges like chemotherapy – such as neuropathic pain and emesis. Our expertise in drug design and specialized drug delivery platforms can shorten the time and decrease the cost to discovery and development of improved therapies for patients suffering from these neurological disorders.